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SmartKnob - DevKit v0.1

SmartKnob - DevKit v0.1


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Batch #2 is now sold out. Thank you everyone for the support!

Batch #2 will start shipping not earlier than the 25th of April.  

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Seedlabs is excited to announce the release of the Smart Knob DevKit v0.1, our first step in bringing haptic technology into the residential space. This devkit, based on the original work of Scott Bezekis a part of our broader vision to enhance energy optimisation within homes.

The Smart Knob DevKit v.0.1 marks the beginning of our journey in fostering a community-driven approach to the development and widespread adoption of the Seedlabs open-source hardware ecosystem.

With this DevKit, you will receive a fully-assembled Smart Knob, featuring a meticulously soldered circuit board and a securely mounted enclosure. At the heart of this device is a brushless gimbal motor, coupled with a magnetic encoder. This combination allows for closed-loop torque feedback control, enabling users to dynamically tailor the tactile feedback of detents and endstops. The Smart Knob can be powered and its firmware updated through a USB-C connection. The enclosure is 3d printed in a limited edition 

Matcha Green PLA Carbon Fiber filament.    

Enhancing the original concept, the DevKit includes 72 fully addressable RGB LEDs, offering expansive visual feedback options. It also feature a proximity sensor, three i2c connections, and readily accessible additional GPIO pin pads for expanded functionality. To simplify prototyping, a breadboard Qwiic jumper cable is included, making experimentation with the kit effortless

Join us in this exciting venture to redefine how technology and energy efficiency coexist in the modern home. 

We can't wait to see what you will create with Seedlab's Smart Knob Dev Kit. 


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Questions on the Smart Knob Dev Kit? Ask away!

We have currently sold out of our pre-order quantity! That happened much faster than we were expecting. We are now preparing the first 50 knobs to be sent out to their new owners. In the meantime, let us know if there is anything we can do for you by using the form below.

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