SmartKnob Dev Kit v0.1

2nd limited batch is online now. Shipments starting from May 2024.

Fully assembled, haptic smart knob. Features additional connection for sensor expansion and 72 leds to provide visual feedback along the 240x240 display. Supports home automation with the pre-flashed firmware.

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Our Vision: what we want to do

Seedlabs is a community of visionaries building the hardware and software to provide low cost,
green energy to as many people as possible.

There are 4 important steps in getting this right:

  1. Understanding and Optimization: We begin by creating technology that comprehensively grasps the dynamics of your home's energy production and consumption, encompassing electricity and heat. This is the foundation of our approach.
  2. Advanced Modeling: For each home, we construct advanced electrical and thermodynamic models. These models act like a virtual energy blueprint, allowing us to continuously monitor and predict energy usage patterns within your space.
  3. Integration with the Energy Grid: Our software seamlessly interfaces with your energy grid provider, effectively turning your home into a mini power plant. This integration optimizes the cost of your energy while also transforming your home into a revenue-generating asset that supports the national grid.
  4. Future-Ready Capabilities: Our hardware and software lay the groundwork for exciting future possibilities. You can look forward to peer-to-peer energy exchange within your neighborhood, and the operation of shared assets like community batteries. These innovations not only enhance energy reliability but also make it more economically accessible to a broader audience.

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If you're curious about the future of our roadmap, in need of product support, or interested in building for our ecosystem, our vibrant Discord server is the ultimate destination to connect with our passionate community.

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Our strategy: the steps ahead of us

SeedLabs has strategically chosen a path of measured and focused growth, coupled with a user-centric approach to product development. This decision stems from an understanding of the challenges inherent in attempting to achieve too many objectives simultaneously – a misstep that has been the downfall of numerous predecessors. Consequently, SeedLabs' initial efforts are concentrated on developing a select range of finely crafted product experiences, with a strong emphasis on user engagement.

Central to our philosophy is the conviction that the user is fundamental to the company's enduring success. This belief is reflected in their commitment to designing products that are essential for the future grid, while also being intuitive and pleasurable to use. The initial phase of this strategy involves the introduction of compact consumer devices, encompassing various controllers and sensors. By focusing on these essential components, we aims to forge meaningful partnerships with individuals who resonate with its vision, collaborating with them to create products that substantially improve their lives.

While acknowledging the extensive journey ahead, SeedLabs remains optimistic, buoyed by the support of its community.

  • You are in Control

    At Seedlabs, we believe in putting you in the driver's seat. While we develop cutting-edge hardware and software, we'll never make a move without your informed consent. You have the power to shape your energy experience.

  • Private

    Your data is yours, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. Seedlabs holds your information to the highest standards of privacy and security. Your trust is our priority.

  • For Everyone

    We’re all about inclusivity. Our mission is to make our innovations open source and patent-free, empowering competition to harness our technology. By doing so, we aim to reach and benefit as many people as possible.

  • Just Work

    We design solutions that are user-friendly and hassle-free. You don’t need technical expertise to operate them. Our products are all about simplicity and reliability – they just work.